I found the new wireless internet service that I want to use for my new apartment the other day. I was unsure that I was going to be able to find a provider that I would like to use because many of them require you to sign a long term agreement for internet service. I have pledged that I will never sign onto any other long term agreement for any internet provider or TV provider for as long as I live. It seems that as soon as the thirty day trial was over the service would drop off and I would be stuck with a company for at least a year that I was unhappy with.

reverse-home-phone-numberA friend of mine told me that she has been using this provider for the last several months and has been very happy with it. I knew that if she was happy with it that I would also like it. I have talked with her about the problems that I have had in the past with the contracts that I entered and could not get out of without paying a very high fee. I told her that I never wanted to do that again.

Once she told me that there was no long term agreement contract needed for this company, I knew that it was worth me looking into. I have just had my computer worked on and have replaced much of the software that was installed and outdated, so I know that if I have any problems that it will not be my computer like the old provider had said.

I really am looking forward to seeing how much better the service will be and knowing that if I decide to move that I will not be facing any large fees to get out of the contract.

On a side note, you may have heard about our recent squirrel problem in our Atlanta office. Everything is cleared up now. I want to thank the local Atlanta squirrel removal company that came out and removed the little guys in a humane fashion. You can contact them here.